Caramulo Motorfestival

Sept 4-6, 2020


The Caramulo Motorfestival is an event devoted to classic and sports automobiles and motorcycles, combining competition with touristic and recreational activities, such as the Caramulo Historic Hillclimb, the Luso-Caramulo Historical Rally, the Viseu-Caramulo Historical Drive, the automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and vintage toys’ collection of the Museu do Caramulo, the Caramulo Automobilia Fair, classic cars and motorcycles concentrations at Caramulo (Clubs), outdoor recreational activities, children amusement parks, chill out zones and music throughout the event, among other things.


With this incredible variety, the Caramulo Motorfestival stands out not only as an event for true enthusiasts of cars and motorcycles, but also for the public at large, especially for families who want to enjoy an unforgettable weekend at the mountains of Caramulo.




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