Technical Certifications


With more than 60 years of experience in classic vehicles, the Museu do Caramulo is an officially recognized entity by government order nr. 10 298/2001, dated 17/05 of the DGV, to certify historical vehicles.


The certificate can be used to certify the quality of Vehicle of Historical Interest, to recognise the vehicle as a Classic or Future Classic, in particular for insurance companies in case of conflict, allowing the vehicle to enter Low Emission Zones. According to the new Decree-Law 144/2017, all vehicles over 30 years old that are certified by the Museu do Caramulo as historical vehicles, will be exempt from the mandatory vehicle inspection (IPO).



Certifications checklist:

Body – It should not have alterations. It should be well cared for, without rust or dent. The paint, chromes, rubbers and glasses should be in good condition, with no scratches and homogenous colour.


Hood - In the convertibles, hoods should be perfectly functional, without presenting any tears or other signs of deterioration.


Upholstery – The upholstery and upholstered car interiors should be in good condition, without tears and in materials suited to the model.


Instruments – The instruments should be original, in good working order and conservation (internal cleaning)


Wiper Blades- The whole system should be in good working order and the blades should be able to remove the water from the glass.


Lighting – The headlights and taillights should be from the vehicle’s period and the appropriate brand. They should be in good working order and equal to each other when paired. For older vehicles, additional “flashers” can be mounted, provided they do not damage the vehicle’s structure.


Chassis - The chassis should be clean and well preserved.


Suspension – The suspension system should be working properly and be original.


Wheels- Special rims can be added, provided they are from the original period (ex: Minilite rims). Rims should be in good condition, with the respective wheel covers, and the tyres should be in accordance to the measure shown in the documents and should be equal to each other, in terms of size and brand.


Steering Wheel- the steering wheel should be the original or extra and without slacks.


Brakes – brakes should be in perfect working order and efficiency.


Engine – The engine should be in good condition, clean, no oil leaks, no excessive noise, and without excessive smoke emissions.


Fuel system- the fuel system should be the original.


Transmission- The transmission should be clean, lubricated and well preserved.


Electrical System-The electrical system should be the original.


Miscellaneous – All the extras of the vehicle, including radios, additional lights, antennas, should be from the period.


In case of doubt on the conditions of the vehicle to certificate, additional elements might be required.





You can book your information/ certification request by providing the following information:

-Requested place

-Requested date




-Car plate


-Phone number

-Good quality photographs (JPG, GIF or TIF) of the front, side, rear, tablier, front seats and back seats (without covers), trunk interior (empty), engine compartment, ¾ shot of the front with visible plate.

-Copy of vehicle documents including last inspection.


Certification Validity:

Vehicles produced since 1918 - 10 years

Vehicles produced from 1919 until 1945 - 8 years

Vehicles produced from 1946 until 1959 - 6 years

Vehicles produced from 1960 - 4 years


Phone: +351 918 402 390

Certifications can be made at the Museu do Caramulo or elsewhere, by appointment.


Classics - € 60
Future Classics - € 40

Museum's  Friends - € 5 discount on this values