Restoration Workshop


The Museu do Caramulo offers collectors and owners of classic cars the service of Oficinas do Caramulo (Caramulo Workshop), responsible for the restoration and maintenance of the museum’s vehicles for over 60 years.

Located in Caramulo, the workshops have a full-time team, capable of working in restoration and maintenance from A to Z, from two to four-wheeled vehicles, regardless of their age or market value, always respecting the owner’s privacy.


The services of the Oficinas do Caramulo are targeted to classic cars and motorcycles, always with the same commitment, as the team involved works on each and every vehicle as if it were a museum piece.


On the basis that each restoration and maintenance is truly unique and requires specific action, the Oficinas do Caramulo offer a complete service, whether it is for a total restoration, a partial restoration or a general service with diagnosis.


For this, the Oficinas do Caramulo offer mechanical restoration services, car parts acquisition, body works, carpentry, painting, upholstery, electrical installation, chrome-plating, finishes and detail.



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