Sponsor a Piece/Vehicle


The Museu do Caramulo has launched a sponsorship program of the vintage automobiles and motorcycles of its collection, for companies and individuals. The goal is to contribute to the maintenance and conservation of the collection.


This support results in a sponsorship aimed at the conservation and maintenance of the vehicles in the collection for a one-year period. The Sponsorship Programme was launched in 2012 by the Museu do Caramulo and aims at creating a closer relationship between companies and individuals and the vehicles in the permanent collection.


In the past, sponsorships were born out of the expressed will of some brands to be associated with the Museum, quite informally. The sponsorship programme has opened the way to a new kind of relationship with the brands and society, with the benefit of involving lower values, and a stronger relationship to a given piece, which is chosen according to the sponsor’s profile.


In all, there are approximately 100 vehicles (cars, motorcycles and bicycles) from which to choose from for the sponsorship.


The companies that become “sponsors” will benefit from a number of advantages, like being able to ride the car annually, being able to include the brand or logo in the vehicle’s information card, as well as tax benefits, communication through different media, among others.


All sponsors are announced in the museum’s newsletter and in the museum’s official Facebook and Twitter pages.