Educational Service


The mission of the Educational Service of the Museu do Caramulo is to attract and retain different publics, while helping to boost the development of the idea of museum.

This process is accomplished by putting together a set of activities that respond to the trends and demands of the visitors, whether these activities are of a scientific nature, creative or of freedom of expression.


The Educational Service of the museum intends to provide a better support in the visits to the collection, promoting a closer, more dynamic look at the pieces, suitable for the age of each visitor.


Moreover, the Educational Service at the museum provides a wide range of recreational and educational workshops that appeal to the five senses of the visitors and stimulate their intellects.


Some examples of these workshops:

-          1001 transportations

-          Art in pieces

-          Me and the other

-          Balls, squares and triangles unleashed in the museum

-          Cer4

-          Who? How? Why? Answers at your fingertips

-          Bingo game

For more informations, please contacte the Museu do Caramulo.